Saturday, July 7, 2007

Women in the Workplace

I've known for a long time that most non-Western women put American women to shame, but I had a good laugh seeing this demonstrated at work the other day . While I was helping to clean some equipment, an older woman from China managed to loosen a nut by herself that was on very tight, and she didn't even think to ask for help. It was kind of funny to see a petite woman, dressed very femininely in a dress and heels, wielding a large wrench. When we finished, she put the equipment back together and tightened everything up.

The next day, two of the young women I work with claimed to have spent thirty minutes trying to loosen that nut with no luck at all. Of course, I had to loosen it for them when they saw me walking by, and it really wasn't on that tight. I wonder if women have relied so much on men to do the "heavy lifting" that they are unable to do anything requiring a little strength for psychological reasons. I made sure to put the two women to shame by letting them know that the older woman had no trouble doing it by herself.

Like most men, if there's a jar or something that I need to open, one way or another I'm going to open it. Since I'm unfortunate enough to work mostly around women, it doesn't get opened if I can't open it. If a woman gives up, she can eventually find a nearby man that can get the job done easily. Despite what the feminists say, men will never be obsolete. Even in an office, there are things that require a little bit of elbow grease. Women may joke about how many men it takes to screw in a light bulb, but I really do wonder how many women it would take to move a piece of heavy office furniture or if any number could move it at all. Whether it is physical or psychological, there are many jobs that women are unable or unwilling to do. Without men, civilization would collapse as soon as a woman needs the oil in her car changed.

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