Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm Back

Duncan is moving on

Seeing the Eternal Bachelor, Duncan Idaho, call it quits got me thinking. After choosing to go my own way and avoid the pitfalls of life in the Matriarchy, I got my first proper introduction to the MRA Movement on Duncan's blog. Duncan's departure has left a void in the fight for men's rights. It seems like many other MRA bloggers have also been busy lately with work and such. Although time is currently a very precious commodity for me, I figured I should do my part to fill part of the void left in the wake of the Eternal Bachelor. I may be busy, but the truth is I can make time to write a post from time to time. Without the Eternal Bachelor, I might never have realized how many other men were pissed off by feminist crap. I doubt we'll convert many manginas anytime soon, but men need a place to go to once they realize that things are terribly wrong in this world. If a couple come here from time to time, my time on this blog will have been well spent.

I wish Duncan the best and I hope his new residence is somewhere safe from feminists.


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